Stockholm Lighting wants to be part of the development of new lighting solutions, creating well being and new experiences for people. We want to use new technology with less enviromental impact to create lighter, safer and more beautiful surroundings.

We believe that your ideas together with our experience can create solutions that make a difference. Together we can make cars fly and airplanes swim - in the world of light anything is possible.

We offer support through the whole project from the first ideas to the final solution. Design, quality and environmental care are important issues for as and influence all our work. That is why we have chosen to focus on LED-technology and work with a few chosen suppliers.

When you work with us you might get some crazy suggestions. We have learnt to think outside the box and try new solutions to create the most memorable lighting solutions.

The Think Tank

Our office is in the old brewery of Pripps AB. A great building with high ceilings and history built into the walls. The office was found by chance by Eric Bohman while he looked for temporary premises for a client. It was love at first sight and we immediately started the process of acquiring a rental contract from the owners Stadsmuren AB. Next step was to get the premises in shape to be used as offices and showroom. Removal of old equipment, welding, cutting and cleaning was carried out and not least - a heating system was installed. So in 2007 we finally moved into our new office. It has been worth every penny and hour of work. Unfortunately beer production is no longer possible.


The future is about continuous improvements and to use our resources right. For the lighting industry this means creating good lighting using products with as small environmental impact as possible and using a minimum of energy.

Stockholm Lighting has worked with LED technology since 1998 and has gathered a great deal of knowledge and experience during the years. We are convinced that LED will play a large role in the lighting solutions of the future. LEDs use little energy, have low maintenance, do not contain hazardous materials and have a long lifetime.

  • Vi kan LED !

By combining LEDs with smart control systems we can create interactive lighting solution that can adapt lighting to your needs and minimize the energy used.

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