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Kode Facade

In the heart of Bergen lies Kode Museum which, for 200 years, has been the home of masterworks from the fields of music, art, fine craft and design. As a prominent member of the artistic profession who has a long relationship with the museum, Callum Innes – the world renown abstract painter – was invited to author a permanent exhibit of light that mirrors the subtle color mixing found in his painted works. In collaboration with Kevan Shaw Lighting Design, the two crafted a unique application of façade lighting that dynamically cycles through 60 “paintings” of light. The exhibit opened on 10-APR-2024 in coordination with Innes’ exhibition titled “Cadmium Orange Red Violet Lamp Black” and is on display for any who visits Bergen in search of some night-time art.


Concept and Composition: Callum Innes

Lighting Design: Kevan Shaw Lighting Design


Products: Lumenfacade Nano RGBW, Pharos LPC1, Pharos Cloud

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