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Mock-up Kaknästornet

In cooperation with Teracom, we are doing a mock-up for lighting the Kaknästornet with LED fixtures. Lighting designer: Stefan Sjölund. The event will be inaugurated on Thursday 25 February and carried out in connection with the event Djurgårdssljus  to give the public a opportunity to speak up on the project. During the test period, we light Kaknäs Tower on one side and the top of the "balconies" that sits on the tower. The aim is to gain experience  for a  future lighting of the entire tower.
The test is carried out with 4 Color Reach for the base of the tower, 200 nodes icolor Flex LMX on the balcony and 8 Color Blast for the upper part of the tower. The control system is a LPC1 from Pharos Controls.

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