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The living Place

The Living Place Hamburg is an intelligent apartment at the campus of the University of applied science in Hamburg, which serves as a platform for research on the home of the future. What meaning will ”ambient intelligence” have in our everyday life in 25 years?
Lighting plays a major role in creating different moods when responding to various gadgets such as a small cube, which acts as a context-sensitive remote control (ie. audio-level TV / open the door / change lighting scene). The bed “knows” if we had a good or bad nights sleep and an appropriate “waking up-lighting scene” can start automatically. What is appropriate and what is not, how individually we react or if general tendencies are existing and /or how much individual control one wants to keep are some of the essential questions that will be posed here.
The network-based control system (called Pharos-controls) can via DMX or DALI protocol talk to every individual fixture, to groups of fixtures and entire lighting scenes as a lighting composition that goes across several rooms. Steerable blinds and curtains regulate the daylight.

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